Discover what you like! 

Do you prefer abstract art or realism? Do you prefer painting, sculpture, drawing? Usure? Well, you don’t have to choose just one! We can help expose you to a variety of artists and aesthetics to figure out what you like.

Private Gallery Visit

Are artist openings too busy for you? Would you like extra time to explore the new work and ask questions on your own terms? We are happy to book private showings free of charge.

Learn about artists

New England has a thriving arts community. Learn what emerging, mid-career, and established artists are and how each can fit into a collection.

Building a collection

We will take the guesswork out of buying your first piece or how to augment your current collection, no matter the size. 

Art for your home or business

We can help you decide on size, style, and placement for a new piece in your home. We will even work with you to hang your new piece!

Pricing: $150/hour 

5 Tips on Building an Art Collection

  1. Buy what you love! Don’t purchase something just because it’s the new ‘it’ artist or because it matches your sofa. Art is a long-term investment, something you will live with for a long time.

  2. Visit every gallery! Visit as many galleries as you can, ask questions, meet the artists and gallerists.

  3. Don’t be afraid to ask questions! Galleries understand that many artists and work may be new to you. Simply ask “can you tell me more about this artists? Where else have they shown?”. Start a conversation. At many art openings, the featured artists are there and you can speak directly with them about their work.

  4. Start small. You don’t have to buy a 10-foot piece of art. Start with smaller more affordable pieces. You can also ask the gallerist to see smaller pieces that the artist may have also created.

  5. Follow artists and galleries on instagram. This allows you to see the new work and easily explore work you may love.