Beautiful Mess, solo installation by Sarah Meyers Brent 

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Kelley Stelling Contemporary presents a solo exhibition by Sarah Meyers Brent titled “Beautiful Mess.” Show dates are May 10th, 2018 to June 17th, 2018.

Sarah Meyers Brent brings controlled chaos to the gallery in an immersive installation that incorporates the accumulated detritus of her studio. Brent finds inspiration in recycled fabric, foam, decaying flowers, dirt and vines; her mixed media pieces flow out of her canvases and from actual walls. The traditional relationship between the exhibition and the viewer is transformed.

In “Beautiful Mess,” Brent expands on themes she has explored in previous shows such as “Growth and Decay” at Kingston Gallery, Boston; and “Seep, Spill and Grow” at the Danforth Art Museum.  In her words, “My works speak to the craziness of motherhood and life in general. There is a richness to the materials in my home and studio, which might otherwise be considered trash. Combining them as materials with which to sculpt and paint, I am able to use my artistic process to work through the mess of life, and ultimately arrive at a form--simultaneously growing and decaying-- that I find really beautiful.”

Sarah Meyers Brent was featured as a 2016 Best of Boston artist by The Improper Bostonian magazine. She was the recipient of the 2015 Walter Feldman Fellowship, culminating in an exhibit at the Walter Feldman Gallery in Boston titled “Primal Garden”, which also received critical acclaim in Artscope Magazine and The Boston Globe. Brent was awarded the Fay Chandler Emerging Artist award through the City of Boston.

Photos by Matthew Lommano and Myk Ostrowski