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Minute Particulars / March 29 / 5:30-7:30pm

Kelley Stelling Contemporary presents works by Tess Barbato, Stacy Howe, Shaina Gates, and Kathleen Volp in an exhibition titled “Minute Particulars”. There will be an artists’ reception at the gallery on Thursday, March 29th, 2018 from 5:30 to 7:00 pm. The show runs through April 29th, 2018. Kelley Stelling Contemporary is located at 221 Hanover Street, Manchester
NH 03103.

We explore realism and surrealism in “Minute Particulars”, focusing on both everyday items executed in exquisite detail by Tess Barbato and Shaina Gates, and the phantasmagoric in the works of Stacey Howe and Kathleen Volp. Thematically, the show is unified by the artists’ obsessive, almost unnerving technical prowess.

Tess Barbato is a realist oil painter whose work is conceptually driven. She possesses a larger than life vision that results in incredibly detailed portrayals of the most mundane of objects. In this show, she will be presenting oil paintings that depict currency in an epic, monumental style.

Shaina Gates presents oil paintings depicting folded and crumpled paper. Their limited palette of black and grey create highly realistic, intense images that extend illusion right to the edge. The paintings seem to become actual pieces of paper, arbitrarily worn and creased by an unknown user.

Stacy Howe’s drawings meld Surrealistic and Victorian themes, from dreams and dark humor to elements from the natural world and other seemingly random ideas. She calls her works “sanguinary assemblages on paper.” History and New England’s natural world figure prominently in her work.

Kathleen Volp adds a three-dimensional flare to the show with miniature assemblages. Her series “Very Small Assemblages”, which combines shards of broken Pre-Columbian pottery with 20th century plastic toy parts. The resulting "mash-ups" form a humorous contrast of culture and time, at the same time reflecting a certain anxiety about the state of our cultural identity.